Is your home damp? Damp can cause mould on walls and furniture and cause timber window frames to rot. Damp housing encourages the growth of mould and leads to house dust mites in bedding increasing risks on your general health.  
Some damp is caused by condensation and is easily managed. The following guide explains how condensation forms and how to keep it to a minimum, reducing the risk of dampness and resultant mould growth.  

Dealing with mould growth: 

Mould growth may result from condensation and can be dealt with by following these steps.  
Ensure that your home is adequately heated and ventilated.  
Avoid 'peaks and troughs' in the daily heating cycle- this can create conditions likely to cause condensation. Wipe off any condensation that occurs on walls, windows that appears immediately.  
Wash mould areas with a fungicide wash.  
Affected carpets should be professionally shampooed and dried.  
Avoid storing wet or damp shoes and coats in enclosed cupboards until dried off.  

What is condensation: 

The average family of 2 adults and two children produce 15 litres of moisture in a day.  
The moisture will settle in areas that are cold such as windows, dark corners, walls, tiled areas, concrete floors and toilet cisterns, or behind cupboards and wardrobes.  
It will settle in the coldest parts of the house which have little air circulation and will be more prominent on north facing walls. 

Is it condensation: 

There are several reasons for damp:  
Leaking pipes, wastes or overflows 
Missing roof tiles  
Blocked gutters  
Cracked pipes  
Penetrating around window frames or through walls  
Rising damp due to defective or no damp proof course.  
If any of these problems is the cause of damp in a property, it will need heat and ventilation to dry out, which could take weeks. A dehumidifier will help to speed up this process.  
If there is damp in a property which has not been caused by any of the above it is like to be condensation.  
If you would like to discuss your responsibilities whilst renting please contact the maintenance department on 0161 7733978 
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