Whether you are looking to dispose of the property already under ownership or acquire a property we can advise on the best strategy to achieving your goals. 

We have experience in a large range of properties from small high street retail units to large multi let industrial estates. 
We insist our clients always ask themselves the following questions before disposing of an investment or property; 
“Is there any way of improving the value of my asset?” Sometimes a small investment can reap large rewards in end value. 
“What is the best marketing strategy to gain increase the worth of my property?” Different periods of year achieve better sales results. 
“Which sale technique should be adopted to the sale of my property?” Whether by private treaty, formal or informal tender, or by sale by auction, different properties require different methods. 
The experts at Amco Commercial would advise as to what the relative merits of each option are in order that you, the client can arrive at an informed decision as to the preferred method of disposal. 
Amco Commercial offers its clients targeted acquisition service throughout the UK. This may be site specific or in relation to a group purchase. We will work with you to understand your requirements to match your plans for growth. 
We can offer independent pre-acquisition advice and feasibility studies prior to a purchase of any commercial building. This will include obtaining all information on current leases and service charges together with comparable market evidence to determine whether the property is under or over rented. We can provide advice on asset management angles that can further increase your investment. 
The last thing you need when you have spent a copious amount of time and money on a property is to have to spend a lot more rectifying and micro managing issues that were not highlighted before the sale. 
For more information on how we can assist you with your sale or purchase, contact Amco Commercial today on 0161 773 3978. 
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