Who's responsible for what? A common source of confusion when it comes to renting a property. It is easy to assume that all Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (AST) work in the same way, covering the same responsibilities. This isn't always the case, ensure you have read yours to understand what you are and aren't responsible for.  
You can find a quick guide to some of the more common queries below:  

Window Cleaning: 

It is the tenants responsibility to ensure their home is kept clean and tidy, including the windows.  

Light Bulbs: 

Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs at the property, this includes leaving the property with the same working bulbs as when they moved in. 

Gardens and Lawns: 

Tenants are responsible for maintaining the gardens and cutting the grass. A landlord will be within their rights to contact the tenant if the grass and gardens are not maintained to a suitable standard.  

Replacement Keys: 

It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace lost keys. It is also within a landlords rights to demand the tenant pays for locks to be changed if keys are frequently lost as this is deemed as a security risk to the property. 

Replacement of Smoke & CO Alarm Batteries: 

Despite landlords having a duty of care to ensure smoke alarms are working correctly when a tenant moves into a property. It is the tenants responsibility to make sure they continue to work correctly. Tenants should test their smoke alarms on a weekly basis, where batteries can be replaced easily the tenant should do as soon as the warning alarm sounds and report any concerns immediately. 

Rodent Issues: 

In many instances, the tenant is responsible for managing a rodent infestation, which may include paying for a professional to visit the property. If you are unsure please contact the maintenance department. 

Condensation Issues: 

Tenants can often help resolve minor issues with condensation by regularly opening windows and allowing fresh airflow throughout the property.  


The Tenant should consider their need for Insurance to cover their own personal possessions - the landlords policy does not cover a tenants possessions. 

Decorative Changes: 

If you wish to make changes within the property you will need to seek authorisation from the landlord prior. 
If you would like to discuss your responsibilities whilst renting please contact the maintenance department on 0161 7733978 
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