Home based working is on the increase, with research to suggest by 2020 more than half the UK’s entire work force will be working from home. 
With further research showing positive outcomes for employers such as: 
- Increased productivity. 
- Reduced levels of stress amongst employees and improved morale. 
- Employee retention rates. 
As a Landlord you could reap the benefits of a nation turning towards flexible working by providing an attractive home working space giving your property that stand out factor amongst the property listings. 
Of course tenants could use a spare room as an office space but going that extra mile to provide a bespoke space could make the difference to keeping your tenants happy and retaining them at the property – reducing your letting fees in the long run. 
Top tips for creating an attractive office space in your rental property: 
Creating a Productive Environment: 
Ensure there is plenty of natural light flooding into the space you intend to make your home office area. 
Considering one of the things which working from home boosts is productivity, this could be down to the environment of a typical office lacking in natural light. 
Perhaps there is a space at the end of the kitchen with natural light or even consider wasted space at the top of a large landing? 
Consider Technical Requirements: 
Ensure the space you intend to use for a home office has enough power sockets. Are there enough outlets to serve the needs of a working from home tenant? 
If not, look in to the best ways to offer more power outlets, this could be new sockets or a safe multi block option. 
Storage Options: 
Working from home tenants will need space to work and space to store work –related documents and equipment. 
Consider fitting a desk space in to your chosen area including built in shelving and drawers or even a glass wall where working from home tenants can write ideas and brainstorm, not only does it look great but it’s easy to wipe clean to! 
For a free onsite appraisal of your rental property contact Amco Management on 0161 7733978 today. 
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